Welcome to our new laser quartz diamond page!

These are a new item for us. They are sometimes called fused quartz, which is crushed/lasered/dyed quartz, then ground and polished into diamond-shaped pieces. They are extremly brilliant and very beautiful. They are all one price each of $7.50 and are 2+ inches in diameter. For expanded view and secure order cart, simply click the photo of your choice to be taken to that page. Thank you for taking the time to view these items.


diamondred1.jpg (408214 bytes)

Garnet red

diamondtitanium.jpg (621622 bytes)


not as dark as photo shows!

diamondgreen3.jpg (430277 bytes)


diamondpink.jpg (366722 bytes)

Pink tourmaline

diamondaqua5.jpg (360588 bytes)


diamondgold.jpg (351062 bytes)

Golden topaz


diamondclear.jpg (361328 bytes)

Clear diamond


diamondlavender8.jpg (393756 bytes)



blue.jpg (409014 bytes)

Blue sapphire


diamonddeepred10.jpg (426705 bytes)



diamondturq11.jpg (499172 bytes)

Blue topaz



diamondlime12.jpg (491129 bytes)













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